Warehouse / Distribution

Seefried Properties acquired a prime 12-acre site in Elk Grove Village, tore down an existing building and hired Krusinski Construction Company to construct a 253,008-square-foot distribution center for Eagle Global Logistics (EGL). Plans called for a two-story office and warehouse with 58 exterior docks and parking for 187 cars. 



When Krusinski broke ground, numerous problems were uncovered. They found an underground storage tank that had to be removed and environmental issues in the surrounding soil that had to be remediated. They also discovered foundations from previous buildings that did not appear in the land survey. This meant that the site utilities (water main, storm sewer and sanitary sewer) had to be redesigned and taken back to the village for new approvals. In addition, the water shut-off valves weren’t working.


Seefried was committed to turning over the building to EGL in December, but the numerous unexpected problems put the project eight weeks behind schedule.



The solution was teamwork. Krusinski worked in close collaboration with the engineer, the village and the developer to address and approve all the changes – meeting twice a week at the onset. Village officials went out of their way to expedite approvals by increasing site inspections, and Krusinski worked double shifts once the foundation was finished to make up the time.



With the fast-track construction schedule, Krusinski Construction Company was able to make up seven and a half weeks, and EGL moved into its new distribution center on time.


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