Warehouse / Distribution

Renovations to an existing speculative warehouse facility for a new delivery station previously built by Krusinski Construction. The interior scope of work for the facility included the construction of new office spaces and restrooms, the addition of new dock equipment, interior roof and wall insulation, new MEP systems to service the office and warehouse and power/data feeds as required to service the material handling equipment and tenant module stations. Exterior work included the addition of entry canopies, infilling of dock positions and additions/revisions to the exterior stairs to accommodate the new layout.


Following development, the addition of parking lots on Building Pads 6 & 7 began to accommodate the needs of the new full building tenant operations. This new construction is a part of the 90-acre, 9-building industrial park for International Airport Centers (IAC) at the IAC Commerce Center in Valencia, California.

Krusinski Construction’s history at the park includes the new construction of IAC Witherspoon Building #3IAC Witherspoon Building #4IAC Witherspoon Building #5, and parcels 6 and 7, as well as the interior build-outs for industrial facilities now occupied by Mechanix Wear, Covercraft, Lowes and Accurate Freight.


HPA Architects

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Valencia, CA