Wm. W. Meyer & Sons

Taking Charge of Electrical Systems Saves Money


Wm. W. Meyer, a world leader in the manufacture of dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveyors, dust collectors, insulation blowing machines and vacuum collection systems, hired Krusinski Construction Company to construct a new $6 million manufacturing and office facility in Libertyville.


The diversified operation utilizes some 120 different machines (including 20 jib cranes and one overhead crane) all with different electrical requirements. One piece of equipment might need 480 volts, while another needed only 120 volts. In addition, the equipment had different physical requirements from dust collection systems to underground pits. Plant layout and a detailed electrical design were critical to the success of the project.


Krusinski engineers and architects worked closely with the client on the plant design, and hired an outside electrical consultant to survey the Wm. W. Meyer operation, provide fixed estimates and develop a 16-page electrical plan.


Through careful planning and coordination, the building was completed in seven months and delivered on time without surprise added costs. In fact, the electrical contractor offered a number of energy-saving recommendations that resulted in a $50,000 tax credit for Wm. W. Meyer as well as a long-term utility savings.


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